Dress or sundress: what is the difference?
Every girl and woman probably has at least one dress in their wardrobe, but what about sundresses? Many people confuse these concepts, although in fact the difference is obvious. What does it consist of and why is it worth having at least one copy of both types in the closet?

Children's sundresses: features of cut and style

This wardrobe item is ideal for warmer seasons. Initially, a sundress was called a light sleeveless dress and was worn in combination with shirts. This thing has an open top, no neckline, and instead of sleeves – straps. A sundress can be supplemented with a topic, T-shirt, blouse, light golf. These are clothes for relaxation, so it will not be hot or uncomfortable in it: the cut of the sundress is as loose as possible. Sundresses are sewn from any kind of fabric: denim, chiffon, and cotton.

What are the features of a baby dress?

As with dresses for adults, these clothes can be formal or casual. Of course, children's models are always less restrained in design than adults. A dress, unlike a sundress, is an independent wardrobe element; it does not need to be supplemented with anything else. Firstly, this is not necessary, because it itself looks already complete, and secondly, the combination of a dress with a golf or a T-shirt may look simply ridiculous, and it is unlikely to be comfortable in such an image. Like sundresses, dresses come in different types of fabric, different lengths, styles and colors.

Why buy dresses and sundresses for girls from Dajs?

In our catalog you will find many models of these types of garments for children aged 0 to 9 years. We have both school and casual models, and they are sewn from cotton and polyester, making them perfect for kids. Here are some of the benefits of combining these materials:
  • cotton absorbs up to 60% moisture, without becoming wet, and also allows air to pass through well, so the child will be as comfortable as possible;
  • polyester will make the product more resistant to wear and will make sure that the color does not fade in the sun;
  • a thing made of these materials will last for more than one season, it will be easy to clean and unpretentious in care, practically does not wrinkle, does not roll.
There are also dresses and sundresses made from pure cotton or pure polyester.
Buying from us is easy and profitable: you can place an order in a few clicks on the website, and there are excellent discounts for bulk purchases. If you buy things for an amount over 1000 UAH, the discount will be 10%, from 3000 UAH – 25%, and from 10,000 UAH – as much as 40%! This is a great opportunity to save money by ordering with friends and family.

How to order dresses and school sundresses for girls from us?

Very simple! Go to the product page you want, select a size and add an item to your cart. Then fill out the feedback form, and our manager will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the purchase and clarify the necessary details. We deliver all over Ukraine and accept both prepayment and cash on delivery.